Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Pictures Nov. 2009!! Thanks Emily!!

Family Pictures Continued! Kynlee 2 1/2 years old!

Cute little blue eyed, blonde haired girl! I never thought I would get one of these!

Look at her tease her dad! She wouldn't hold his hand for the picture!!

Family Pictures Continued--Irelynd 6 years old!

Some of my Favorites!! She is getting big so fast! I hate it!!

Dance Illusion Winter Showcase and November Fest!

No, Kynlee did not dance, but you know as soon as Irelynd put her red and black costume on and had to have make-up she ran into her room and dressed herself in this, all but the red sweater to be like her sister. Then of course, she had to have make-up too!

They did a cute Cruella Devil dance! It was darling! Sorry about the fuzzy picture!

Anual Thanksgiving Day Football!!

So Jared thought he would be funny and wear his Mountain Crest Lettermans jacket last year, well I think it has officially become a tradition!! Wow! I had no idea this many guys show up to play football on Thanksgiving morning!! No wonder Jared has to go!!

Princess's on Ice!! Mom and Kynlee date!!

We met Kalli and her little girl Presli, Lori Waldron, Micky (Kalli's cousin) and her 2 little girls. It was so much fun!! Irelynd would have hated this!!

Princess's on Ice Continued...

Kynlee loved this!! It was so worth the money!!
Look at that little face!!

A bit blurry!! Sorry, you get the picture!!